There are a few reasons you may be having difficulty in connecting two devices - the most common solutions are:
  • Check your firewall settings or any other security software that may be prohibiting your device from contacting another - the majority of connection problems will be caused by this.

  • Check for parental locks prohibiting network actions.

  • You are attempting to connect on a network set to Public. Either connect through a Private network, or ensure glitchrunners.exe is given full permission to pass through all of your firewall settings on both devices.

  • Business networks found in schools and similar will often override connection settings and prevent devices from connecting. Contact your administrator.

  • Your game versions are out of date and/or incompatible. See below for more details.
A weak or inconsistent connection can cause issues with both connecting devices and gameplay experience – contact your internet service provider for more information.

In order to connect devices in Glitchrunners, both the host and connecting device must be on the same version. Please ensure that you have updated fully (if on steam) or downloaded the latest standalone build.

Furthermore, demo versions of the game cannot be used to connect to retail versions and vice versa.

Some network settings (most commonly ‘public’ networks) or firewall software will prevent Glitchrunners from displaying your IP address.You can find this manually.


  1. Open up the cmd console. Type “ipconfig” and press enter.
  2. Your IP will be displayed in the resulting text under the heading “IPv4 Address”.
  3. Use this on the connecting device to connect to the host.


If one or more controllers are not detected, unplug and re-plug all controllers. If problem persists, exit and reload Glitchrunners.


Ensure you have controller drivers installed, each time a new controller is plugged in whilst Glitchrunners is open will require the game to be reloaded to discover the new controller(s).