Hold down alt as you launch the Glitchrunners and it will open up a display dialogue in which you can activate windowed mode.
Yes! PCs will connect to Macs and vice versa, and mobile/tablet devices will connect to both.
Although we don't support online play, it is possible to connect devices over the internet using a secure Virtual Private Network, similar to how a number of creative block building games work. However, the game is NOT optimised or designed for this (from either a gameplay or security perspective), and players should proceed with this in mind.
Online matchmaking is not currently planned. Glitchrunners is a party game designed from the ground up as local multiplayer - social interaction is a core part of the gameplay experience!
We’d love to bring Glitchrunners to consoles, and it is something we are working on. The multi-device, second screen nature of the game makes this a very complicated process however, so we can’t release any more information at this time!
We will be making a special standalone “Architect Connection” version of the game available to all players for free. This will allow you to connect a second device and play the Glitch Run modes without requiring another full retail copy of Glitchrunners.
Yes! Glitchrunners has multiple game types - Arena mode does not require a second screen setup. You and your friends can battle each other in Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Powercube games across many unique arenas.
We are looking into the feasibility of AI for a future update.
We’ve looked into this, and unfortunately it is beyond the scope of Glitchrunners. Those Glitch Run levels are extremely complicated under the hood!
Before the game was renamed Glitchrunners, it was called Don’t Walk: RUN! The game won international game design competition Dare To Be Digital and was nominated for a BAFTA at the 2014 awards.
No, one device cannot run both sides - you would keep losing window focus which in turn creates all kinds of problems - most notably loss of character control.
Send us a pic of you and your mates playing Glitchrunners on twitter and we might give you a cheat code.