You will require a stable and secure local area network – this could be a home wireless broadband router or similar device. An internet connection is not required, just the network.

  1. Ensure both devices are connected to the network.
  2. Ensure the network security settings allow for cross device communication (ie, the network is “Private”.)
  3. When prompted, enter the IP address shown on the host device (“Glitchrunner”) into the connecting device (“Architect”) and hit connect.
  4. Get ready to smash your friends!

It is possible to create a stable and secure local network by connecting both your devices with an Ethernet cable.

After connecting the devices via cable, follow the steps above as normal.

It is possible to connect your devices using an online VPN, similar to the connection methods used by games such as Minecraft.

Although it is possible, Glitchrunners is not designed to be connected in this way and you may experience less than ideal gameplay conditions or security.

You can create your own wireless local network by setting up an ad-hoc network. How this is done will differ depending on your operating system.